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Refrigerator Repair Queens NY

In Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx , we repair and service all brands and models of refrigerators. If your refrigerator run all the time, freezing the food in the refrigerator compartment or you have any other problems, simply call our toll free number and we will take care of rest, returning your refrigerator to perfect working order. Call us any time for a same day appointment for your Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx refrigerator repair. We will work with you to set the refrigerator repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you:

We understand that everyone has a different schedule and we will always work with you to schedule your Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx refrigerator repair. For a convenient and flexible refrigerator repair appointment in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx, call us at our toll free line:

If you prefer, you can email us as well for an refrigerator repair appointment in Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx. In the email please include your name, phone number, zip code and brief details of the problem that you are experiencing with your refrigerator. As soon as we receive the email we will contact you, so that you can schedule your refrigerator repair appointment in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx.

We service and repair all refrigerator brands and models:

  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Sub Zero
  • GE
  • Montgomery Wards
  • Admiral
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool
  • Fedders

The information below will help you to become more familiar with your refrigerator. It will also help you to use your refrigerator in the most effective and efficient ways. This way you will be able to save money on utility expenses and to extend the life of your refrigerator.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to use your own skills and get involved in any refrigerator repairs that you are not familiar and experienced with. Ninety-nine percent of the time when you repair refrigerator you deal with water and electricity and if you don’t know what you are doing this could be a dangerous mix. It could literally kill you! Do not take chances with your safety. The information below is strictly for educational purposes. We strongly encourage you not to getting involved with any refrigerator repairs on your own. All refrigerator repairs demand experience and professional training with gas or electrical systems and can become very dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge for repairs. For professional help refrigerator repair in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx call us any time at:


As heat-saturated vapor enters from the refrigerator evaporator via the suction line, it smooth a chamber which is increasing in size as the rotor spins. The negative pressure created by the enlarging chamber polio the refrigerant into the chamber until the opposite blade passes the suction, at point; the refrigerant is being squeezed into an area which is decreasing size. As the leading blade passes the discharge port, this compressed vapor call sent out the discharge port. Oil is pumped through the center of the shaft which drives the rotor, thoroughly lubricating all of the components of the sealed assembly. This oil pressure of the centrifugal force from the spinning rotor (as fast as 3450 rpm). The oil also acts as an effective seal, preventing "blow-by" of the pressurized refrigerant into the low-pressure suction area.

The all-important oil is sealed into the refrigerator compressor along with the motor and pump assembly. If you should encounter a refrigerator which has been leaking oil side for any reason (moving, etc.) allow it to stand upright for at least twenty hours before starting it, to be sure that sufficient oil has returned to the refrigerator compressor. Otherwise, damage might occur to the highly polished surfaces and the refrigerator compressor would shortly fail. There, a cooling pulls loom air across the heat that allows the hot refrigerant vapor to condense into liquid. It is imperative that a free air flow be provided through the refrigerator condenser, regardless of type.

 On a static refrigerator condenser, a yearly cleaning with the brush of a vacuum cleaner is sufficient. Forced-air refrigerators are much more critical. The increased air flow across the refrigerator condenser and creates a buildup of lint and dust. These should be cleaned more frequently at least every month or two. The housekeeper should make it a habit to vacuum accumulations away each time she vacuums. Follow the instructions that came with the refrigerator and be earful not to kink or bend any refrigerant tubing while cleaning.

 Lint on refrigerator condensers, whether static of forced-air types, is an enemy of the system and may result in severe damage to the refrigerator compressor in extreme cases. The best preventative is a periodic schedule of refrigerator cleaning. Air blockage of a forced-air condenser can be a serious matter. If the coil becomes completely blocked, the refrigerant is unable to condense back to the liquid state. It reenters the evaporator as a warm vapor. Evaporator temperatures rise and food thaws. In severe cases the compressor may become so hot that the overload protector will cycle it off. If this continues over an extended period, insulation of the refrigerator compressor motor windings may be damaged. The result is: in expensive system repair or possibly even a compressor replacement.

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